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Partnerships are an essential element of ImmunGene’s strategy to fully harness the commercial potential of its pipeline and proprietary technology platforms to develop effective therapies.  ImmunGene  is an ideal partner for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies who are interested in next generation monoclonal antibody-based therapeutics that provide safe and effective treatments for a wide variety of diseases. 

ImmunGene believes that collaborations are vital for both short-term and long-term value creation. We are actively looking for alliances with leading biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies by leveraging our robust platform technology as a tool to expand our capabilities to deliver breakthrough therapeutics to improve people's lives.

Collaboration Opportunities

We strive to work on collaborations that will provide us the opportunity to enhance our internal research and programs through exchange of technology and therapeutic programs. ImmunGene is also open to license its technology and developmental programs.   

Companies interested in exploring partnering opportunities with ImmunGene or learning about our technology should contact: bd@immunGene.com